About the Ministry

The Vision and The Mission
The Vision

A distinguished ministry in protecting the components of the environment and sustaining them for a better life” The vision of the Ministry of Environment has evolved with a focus on the institutional dimension by an emphasis towards establishing a distinguished ministry that has the means of institutional structure that is based on comprehensive excellence standards. The Ministry aspires to achieve the highest levels of effectiveness, creativeness and competences in implementing its activities and achieving its objectives. That can be achieved through the ministry’s core role in protecting the environment and maintaining all of its components including air, water, soil and ecosystems and its sustainability. In a way that lines completely with Royal orientations in this field, and in line with the national directions and strategic priorities regarding the environment sector that is documented in the​ Jordan 2025 vision, in order to reach the ambition and dream of providing better life for ​everyone on the Jordanian lands.

The Mission

Conserving the environment and its ecosystems through developing legal, strategic and policy frameworks in addition to spreading environmental culture and enhancing environmental monitoring and law enforcement and transition to a green economy within a participatory approach and a supporting institutional structure to contribute to achieving sustainable development”. The mission expressed the purpose and reasons for the ministry existence which includes the protection of the environment with its various components, ecosystems and biological systems and conserving their diversity. This should be achieved through the pioneering role of the ministry in setting legislative frameworks, developing the strategies, formulating policies and setting regulatory standards for activities of protecting and preserving the environment and associated activities, in addition to strengthening the environmental monitoring and law enforcement. Where, the ministry’s efforts contribute in spreading environmental culture and modifying the individual and social behavior regarding the environmental issues awareness, thus leading to protect and preserve the environment. The mission emphasized that the ministry will work to achieve its objectives through a participatory approach that empowers active partnerships relying on a distinctive institutional structure with the pillars of well-trained and specialized staff​

Goals and Values

Within the exterior working environment, the ministry believes in strengthening partnerships, collaboration and flexible integration with partners and clients in a way that serves the mutual nterests ​and achieves the objectives of the ministry in protecting the environment and its components as well as sustaining it.


The Ministry is applying the concept of justice in all of its policies and processes in a way that guarantees equity for the employees and clients by applying non-discriminatory policies and regulations that guarantee a decision-making process that is responsive to the needs, thoroughly inclusive to everyone, participatory and representative at all levels.​

Commitment and Responsibility​

The Ministry and its employees value their commitment and responsibility towards the country and their work, as for the ministry, commitment and responsibility is a core principle and without it, the ministry would not be able to protect and preserve the environment. Nevertheless, the ministry is strengthening the principles of devotion to work, and it is constantly working on nstilling the concept of responsibility within all employees through a successful implementation of the legislations, the instructions, the procedures, the systems and finally the codes of conduct.​

Transparency and Credibility

Transparency is adopted by the ministry as a core principle and that is manifested in the ministry’s announcements of all of its activities, projects and works. It is also expressed in the ministry’s approach in providing all the information for information-seekers credibly, transparently and precisely in accordance with the relevant legislations, and in a way that  upports and strengthens the processes of accountability and follow-up.​

Excellence and Creativity

The Ministry considers excellence to be a core principle at the levels of both the institution and the individual and it is constantly seeking to improve its performance and to be distinctive through applying the international excellence standards and supporting creativity and innovation, as well as integrating the concepts related to creativity within working model of the ministry making it an applicable working policy.​


Within the ministry’s interior working environment, the ministry and its employees support the concept of teamwork, collaboration and experiences sharing in order to achieve the ministry objectives, ensure the work integration by providing all the teamwork requirements via the ministry efforts.

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